Python integration with different vm's

I have the following requirement can some one suggest me the best way.

  1. We have 10 vm’s and 10 unattended bots.
  2. Now, there is CR needs to be updated, for CR we are planning to use python scripting.
  3. Now the problem is where we need to install python in 10 different vm’s or if there a way where python installation can be shared?
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Hi @monish06 ,

Is this CR nothing but change request?

Usually we would deploy processes in individual bot(VM) right. So which process needs the python project to implement fir the upcoming CR so we can install python software over there.

Could you pls more elaborate your requirement. Thanks.


Hello Monish,
in my opinion you have several ways to solve your requirement:

  1. Use your software distribution system and install Python on all bot VMs. This doesn’t cost much space, is fast and you can be sure that the standard, including the setting of environment variables etc., is available on all bot VMs.
  2. Reference the Python NuGet package and distributes it via Orchestration.
  3. It should be possible to provide Python in a central location, I have never tried that, but it seems that it not works with any kind of requirement.

Best regards

Its a Change Request.

What if I have a 10 different VM’s. It is a tedious process where we are going to install python in all 10 different machines manually. Is there any better way for it.

Hello Monish,
with a software distribution system you define one time the source and you set one time the target systems, the software distribution will do the rest for you. Whether the target systems have a different software stack is irrelevant.
Best regards

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Hi @monish06 @StefanSchnell @kirankumar.mahanthi1 ,

In my previous testing, it was found that UiPath’s Invoke Python activity does not need a locally installed python executor. It can run the python.exe located in any shared drive or even a pendrive.

See this thread for the suggested solution : How to run python script in UiPath without installing python? - Help - UiPath Community Forum

@monish06 's case
I suggest one of the below approaches (I have not tested this myself with 10 executions at the same time from a single executor, but both should theoretically work)

  1. You install python in one of your VM and ensure that other 9 VMs can access the python folder
  2. You install python in a shared drive where all your 10 VMs can access a python.exe executor (all VMs in the same network/VLAN.

The advantage is that all the python dependencies need to be installed only once.

Do let us know how it went when you test this out. Good luck!


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