How to run python script in UiPath without installing python?

Hi, is it possible to run python scripts in uipath studio without installing python?

Hi @sufyant

I have not exprimented with it yet, but I think this should be logically possible *.

*May work
Ifyou dont want python in your system but are ok running python in USB. All UiPath wants to know is where it can find the python.exe. Then it calls the python.exe to run the .py file in a command promt environment. The result of the run is a python object and then the user needs to convert the Python object to a UiPath (.Net Type) within UiPathStudio.

Will not run
But if your question is: I dont want to install python at all, will UiPath run my python script?, then the answer is No. UiPath needs access to the python.exe in one or another path in your system or network.

Hope this clears some doubts.


UiPath needs a python compiler so install it is required.

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Hi @sufyant and @Adrian_Star,

It is possible to run python script without installing it on your local system. My test included python 3.6.8 files in a USB drive and all traces of python removed from my local machine.

Then I ran a simple workflow calling a python function and I get the required output in UiPath. So as I said in the earlier reply, UiPath just wants to know where your python.exe file is and uses the path in a terminal environment in the background. The result is then forwarded to UiPath. (2.1 KB)

Testing in cmd
Here I manually provide the USB python path and run the same .py with a print command to show how UiPath does the operation in the background.

Files / Folder on the USB (I obtained these files and folders from an earlier installation location and just copied all of them to the USB drive):



Cool! I did’t pursue this python topic. It’s an interesting experiment!

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