Where to install VMs?


I am beginner in RPA and exploring UIPath. If I am scheduling bots in the background (unattended) and total 5 bots are schedued for 5 people then where should I install Virtual machines? On the server or on individaul 5 machines?

Thanks in advance,

Hello @Prasad_Dixit ,

its totally based on your requirement. Suppose if you have 5 local machines assigned to different users and if you want to run it in those local machines then you can create machines in Orchestrator and link with the local machine.

Else if you have VM’s deployed in server, you can use that to execute the robots.

Thanks for your reply. So do I have to install 5 VMs on the server if there are 5 diffrent users?

There are provision for using single machine and multiple users using High density bots.
Can refer the below for more details. Not sure about the licensing.

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