Put a value from Exel in a web list

Hi guys,

I want to put a value from an Excel cell in a weblist. In the flow, I open the excel file,read the cell,open the list on the site but I can’t put the value in.

You can help me.

Thanks Alex.


The list to put my value : 95 for example

Hello @Al_Bert ,

Can you share your flow till now?
Did you tried to use the Select Item activity?

I hope I didn’t misunderstood your question…


Bonjour Albert !
This trick might work with you: use type into and indicate the listbox when closed. Inside the typeinto write “95” then use send hotkey to hit enter

hi all,

I find the solution :


Many thanks for your help at all.


Hi @Al_Bert !
Great, you used Select item as @wasea suggested and it works perfectly :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Don’t forget to mark your post as solved so the other people find your topic relevant !

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