Put a value from an Excel cell in a weblist

Hi guys,

I want to put a value from an Excel cell in a weblist. In the flow, I open the excel file,read the cell,open the list on the site but I can’t put the value in.


For example : if the value is " 18 - CHER" , I want to choise “18 - CHER” in the list.

You can help me.

Thanks Alex.

Try to use Macro for it

Hi @Al_Bert
which activity did u tried for this ?

I tried select item. But nothing.

A Macro?

Did it thrown any error ?

no, in fact, I don’t know to do it.

Use select item activity and pass the value in select item which u need to select. If select item won’t work, use click actvitie to achieve that

Yes I used the select item activity but how do I do to put my selection from Excel cell?

Hi @Al_Bert
for example

you got the data from excel and store in a variable ex1, now in select item actvity, put this variable where u had to provide the option u need to select.

Hope it helps you

Nived N
Happy Automation

Hi Nived,

I did that:

But that didn’t resolve my problem.

you have to use ReadDataDt.Rows(0).ToString
You have use foir each row activity and it will go on selecting the next item currentRow(0).ToString

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I find the solution :

Thanks a lot for you help guys.

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