Get value from web

does someone know how can I get value from the web and put it into an excel table?
I try to use the screen scraping to get the value but it doesn’t work :confused:

Thank you

@Nancy Can you elaborate more what you are trying to achieve

I want to get a value from the web,for example „the weather“ in a country,and then I want to put the value in excel table. I‘ve Tryied to use recording and then copy text to get the value,but it doesn’t work,there is no value in the message box. I really get confused :neutral_face:
I want to try to use the activity: get value ,but I don’t find it.

Hi @Nancy,

Depends on what value you are trying to get. If it is a single value you would use Get Text activity
or make use of the Recording feature. Then store the value in Excel using Write Cell Activity

For a table you would use the Data Scraping wizard, to write to excel use the Write Range Activity

Hope you find it useful!


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you may want to try like in steps displayed in screen shot and once you get to the point where data is displayed as message box,you can try using activities such as to write value in excel table.


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Thank you. now it’s working but the problem is ,then I have to get automaticly the weather in another country. And with “get text activity”,I only get the value of the first one, and for the next one I need to make a new “get text”.
With “get text activity” my excel will look like this:

I mean like this:
weather.xaml (16.1 KB)

Hi @Nancy,

Your Get Text activity should have a dynamic selector:

Go to the selector properties, you might find some value tied to your first record. In this example, Paris. To make it dynamic easily select Attach to Live element then your selector should look similar to this:

Happy Automating!


Good .

You have to make just one change, which PD2 hinted.

I have added a * to the selector after the screen shot. I also noted that your script extracts weather when it runs for the first data row and retains the same data for the next set of iterations you may have to check that; as a best practice always test run your script in debug mode adding breakpoints and use step into to find out which step in script fails.