How to use keywords in excel?

How can I use some of the keywords such as Ctrl + S or Ctrl + V and so on using send hotkeys activity in excel?

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Just type it in :slight_smile: 2019-04-10_14-14-08

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No, it isn’t working!:disappointed:

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Can you please tell me what keywords are you trying to use and what are the steps you are taking?

A screenshot will also help :slight_smile:

I just want to open the find option using hotkeys which isn’t working.

Hi @vivek_Chowdary!

You can do the Ctrl+F? By yourself?

@guiggs I want to do that using UiPath.

Yes but you can do that by yourself, right? Is not giving any error or is not asking anything before?

I’m asking you this because you have that warning ‘Product Notice’

I can do it myself but the problem is there are more operations which follows after that. So every time I just can’t do everything myself right! In that case what’s the use of using UiPath??

Take it easy @vivek_Chowdary! UiPath is a product that have some particularities and you have to understand the behavior of the robot.

In the ‘Hot Key’ activity try to give a ‘Delay Before’ of around 1/2 seconds. You can to that on the Properties bar; that is on the right of your screen

yes this worked. Before I was using capital letters for S, V and so on. Now I tried using small letters and it worked!



But I think that is the same thing use capital or small letters.
Mark as solution the previous post please!

Keep the good work!

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