Publish a project and execute it with UIPath Robot

Hello Community,

I have the following issue while publishing a project. While publishing a project the actual project can be publish in 2 ways: Robot Default and Custom.

When publishing the project with Robot Default the file NUPKG-file is published successfully in the folder: C:\ProgramData\UiPath\packages.
I also can open it successfully with UIPath Robot and start it without any errors.

I would like to save the file on drive D:\ in a different folder and use UIPath robot to execute the file in the mentioned folder. I’m aware of that fact that I can use publish → “custom” and move the NUGET-file to a different location.
But if I do that, UIPath robot can’t find the file anymore. Is there any possibility to execute the file in a different folder so that it doesn’t have to be publish in the package folder?
I don’t use Orchestrator. I just want that the person who uses the robot just executes the file by using the UIPath Robot and want that it can be executed without access to the C:\ProgramData\UiPath\packages - folder.

Thank you very much in advance.

Installer(.exe or .msi):

License type(Free, Trial/License code): Community Edition

Studio/Robot version: UIPath Robot

Current behavior: -


Hi @Henne1992

Check this post
Modifications in Config.xlsx file after publishing the Bot


Hey AshwinS2.

Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately this doesn’t help since I want to publish only the NUGET-file and copy + paste it to a folder where the customer can run the process with UIrobot and not UIPath Studio. The person can’t open anything accept UIRobot. I can publish and run everything on my computer but if I hand the file over to the other drive which doesn’t have access to my c:\ … packages folder UIRobot can’t download / find and execute the requiered file.

So I need a solution where I open the UIRobot, can manage to change the file path to the new folder without having access to c:\ … packages.
I’m a bit confused that it’s possible to publish a project by custom URL but can’t just drag and drop it in UIRobot or tell them to search in a different folder…

Any other solution ?
Thanks in advance !

I am facing the same Issue…Any Solutions please?


Hi @Henne1992

This post may help you:

Thanks and regards.