Cannot see .net 6 custom activities from Studio

Hello all,

I am testing creating custom libraries using the .net 6 to work with the Uipath windows compatibility.

Using visual studio 2022, after creating a simple library, the nupkg file from dll and uploading the respective package to the orchestrator.

From my uipath windows compatible project I can upload the package but the lib activity is not being displayed.

The VS code

My nupkg structure

I can download the lib package

But I cannot retrieve the activity

All filtering possibilities are enabled.
Is there anything I am missing?

Thank you very much!


If we want to display it as an activity, it’s necessary to be inherited from CodeActivity or NativeActivity class, at least. Please see the following document in details.


Thank you @Yoichi,

However this leads to me to a follow up question.

What should I use to replace the Code Activity as the the class cannot be inherit in .net 6?

I do not understand what should I do with the code snippet.

A hopeless attempt.

Thank you again!


as the the class cannot be inherit in .net 6?

Can you elaborate? It’s just define as parent class for your class as the following.


Or it might be easier to use Activity Creator Visual Studio extension. Please see the following dcument in details.


@Yoichi Thank you! I will elabora in more details and try to use the Activity Creator Visual Studio.

Probably, your project is built on top of the .net framework. Which, if I move on and create the nupkg, should only work with Uipath windows Legacy mode.

In order to work with windows compatibility,

I would need to create the library using the .net core. However, the in .net core, the SystemActivities namespace is deprecated (accordingly to Microsoft documentation).
As the pic below, after copying and pasting from the UIpath documents, it does not compile due to that issue.

Going back to microsoft documentation…They mentioned a workaround but I was not able to perform it.

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