Publish Process Error!

Hi Could someone please assist me with this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @shawnmurray,
If you are trying to publish your workflow to Orchestrator please check if you are providing correct data and have robot connected to orchestrator. Please keep in mind that Orchestrator is now moved to cloud infrastructure.

hi @Pablito Thanks for the quick response!
Where do i find my Orchestrator URL?

For publishing the URL is now:
Rest like machine key, tenant name etc. remains unchanged.

So would the URL be

Should be just:
Robot will know to which tenant should connect based on machine key for the machine created in particular tenant.

I have got Robot unavailable!

The machine name was already filled in.
I entered as the Orchestrator URL
And then copied the machine key from the machine i created

any ideas why its not working?

The status “Unavailable” usually means that in Orchestrator you don’t have robot defined. Check Robot tab if there is any robot assigned to your machine in Orchestrator.

When creating a machine in orchestrator should i give it the same name as my local machine that i am working on?

Not necessary as Machine Key is the most important here to pair robot with machine. But it is a good practice to use same name. More info you can find here:

Thank you!
So once i create my machine, i should then create my Robot?

Indeed :slight_smile:
Please also check our Academy. There is LVL2 - Orchestrator training which will explain you everything in this matter :slight_smile:


That is currently what i’m doing and at the section where it asks to publish the solution and i received the error i posted.

Hi @Pablito i got it sorted now thanks for your help!

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