Provisioning & Access Management

Hi all,

I want to know how to ensure users can seamlessly access Automation Cloud/Hub once access has been granted and avoid having to enter in an individual license key every time Task Capture application is installed. Guides for UI Path include SAML integration so SSO is one part of this however I am also seeking information on SCIM API. Anyone got any answers? I am talking to numerous UI Path support folk, I have reached out to other customers of UI Path and also senior resources I have found on LinkedIn at UI Path to no such luck. I would love some help, suuuper frustrating :frowning:

@talia.taskin sorry for the confusion here. If a user is an assigned user in Automation Cloud, when they open task capture they should be able to click the left item “Sign In to UiPath Automation Cloud account” and sign in to get their license. Is that not working?