Uipath Task Capture Queries

Hi Friends,

Can anyone please tell me what’s the difference of community and production for Task Capture?
I see the same options.
Other query is, I am going to download from Automation Hub Orchestrator but I can’t see the Automation Hub in Orchestrator! Even I logged in from my personal account where I’m only admin still!

Please please please I need these answers on urgent basis.


Task Capture: Just the license difference. with community license, make sure you are aware of legal terms https://www.uipath.com/legal/trust-and-security/legal-terms#content-2

Automation Hub: Enabling Automation Hub on an existing Automation Cloud Trial Account

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Thanks s lot. I will check it out now.
Other question is can other users download this task capture? Can we send exe to other users who doesn’t have uipath access.