Can't activate Task Capture license

Hi guys
I am tryin to activate Task Capture with no success. Following is my scenario and steps followed:

  1. Installed Task Capture in my developer station connected to Orchestrator (NFR partner license)
  2. I have assigned an automation developer license for my user
  3. Open Task Capture for the first time and choose as licensing method: Log in to my UiPath Cloud account
  4. After logging in and allowing browser to open Task Capture I received the following message: UiPath activation - Unable to find an active license in the server


Do I have to allocate one more automation developer license in order to use Task Capture?

Any update on this? Im facing the same issue

In order to successfully use the cloud activation method, the following must be met:

“User License Management” feature should be enabled in UiPath Automation Cloud → Organization Settings).
The user should have a license assigned in UiPath Automation Cloud (either inherited from group or specifically allocated).

Please follow below link to know more:

Starting with the 2021.10 release, users can download and install or run the Task Capture desktop application directly from the UiPath Assistant.

Please follow below link to know more: