Proper AD/LDAP Integration



So I have been using the UiPath Orchestrator product for 1.5 years and I have been asking for this enhancement from day one. I have also met with the product owners a couple of times regarding this and I can’t seem to get a straight answer on when a feature like this would be put into the product. I am looking for something straight forward that most other Enterprise Applications have.

Request is simple.

Ability to create new roles in Orchestrator and have them managed by Active Directory groups. This would be not only ensuring that users are added to Orchestrator and assigned to the appropriate roles but also remove access when the user has been removed from the Active Directory Group. Ensure that every time that a user logs in it verifies that they are supposed to have access.

This would also need to support multi tenancy and not just the Default tenant.

I do not like nor want to manually create and remove users from the system. Currently sure it is great they can login using their AD Username and password however this all has to be manually added when you have multiple roles available in orchestrator. What is worse is that if someone moves from one department in the company to another or is no longer with the company you need to again log in and manually remove the user from the system.

If there was proper Acitve Directory integration and you defined the roles and groups properly there would be no work to do on the system as it would all be handled through a centralized service like AD.


Seems like a useful concept. Would defintely help reduce (automate :wink: ) the headache of adding or deleting users in big enterprises


It definitely would automate all this headache of user management and work like most other Enterprise products I have used. Too bad explaining this too them is a huge headache. We keep trying though