UI Path Active Directory Group Integration


Hi All,

Have a quick critical query related to UI Path with Active Directory Integration.

One of the US client is looking to implement one UI Path Orchestrator instance supporting multiple LOB processes (Multi Tenancy within LOB). The ask from the client is to assign permission in Orchestrator to different Processes, Credentials Vault,
Asset Manager on the basis of Active Directory Group and not only AD user. The client is looking to implement 400 + Processes hence this feature is very much required otherwise Maintenance would be a big effort.

Please suggest if UI Path Orchestrator supports syncing AD Group & Sub Groups (Automatically) and also allows to assign permission at AD Group level for different Processes, Credentials Etc. Any video or KB article would be helpful as well.

Rohan Powar


Hi rohan, i think this is related to your query


That does not answer the question, does it?

Is there an option to automaticaly sync the AD(-Groups) to Orchestrator. The key is automated syncing not user-auto-login!


Active directory users import check if this helps .