AD integration with orchestrator 2020.10


We just installed orchestrator 2020.10, as a fresh install and connected AD authentication to it, but seeing the The user is not a member of the specified AD domain. (#1413) error while trying to add a user, even though uipath is able to search for the user within the AD group, so clearly the user is part of the specified domain, but gives us that error.

As a note we have already tried the solution suggested in FAQ section for the error, however, no change. Anyone else get this error? and if so, how did you go about fixing it?

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are you able to add user manually to AD group?


Hi @huss.afzal , were you able to resolve this? We are facing the same issue in our environment.

I get same issue, is anyone can resolve this problem?

Hi all, were you able to resolve this? Facing a similar issue on same version.