Proofread Outlook mail before sending

Hey guys,

Is there any activity in Studio which enable us to send outlook mail messages in the foreground? I have a datatable with around 20 email addresses, I want to proofread the content and click the send button by myself. and after i click the “send” button the robot has to process the next email address. Is there any activity which will make the activity in the foreground and not background?

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have a check on following implementation option:

  • model a proofreader with the help of the forms activity
  • create a form, that allows to do some corrections on the email (Body, subject…)
  • depending on button send or discard

for sure another option could be outlook / Email client automations.

Maybe you elaborate more on the proofreading task / requirements

So basically, i want the robot to open the outlook in my desktop and want to see the email ids it is entering and I want to make sure if the content is correct and then click the send button by myself. when i click the send button the robot should enter details for the next email id in the loop.

in a simple approach we could interrupt the robot just with a message box.

Robot works
Robot shows message box and is pausing (e.g. Box text. Send email or discard - Yes, No Button)
User do proofreading
User clicks on message box buttons
Robot continues

Is there any way to open Outlook in View mode?