Project Version Error UiRobot

Hello Guys,

I fixed in issue in a robot which was developed with an older Ui Studio Version. We upgraded to the newest Ui Studio version and published the Robot through this newer version. Then I put the NUPKG into the package folder of the PC where the UiRobot is executed. Then it brings up this message.

Do I have to erase the project.json file on the PC where I developed the robot and then publish it again? Or do I need to delete something on the PC where the Robot is running?
thx alot!

Delete the .json file and re-publish the code again. Make sure studio is closed while deleting the .json file.


check below post


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We didnt change from Enterprise to CE. We were on Enterprise all the time. Seems like a big difference. I will now check @amithvs suggestion and hope it works out :slight_smile:

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