Error detecting project version on deployed robot Studio CE 2019.7 with Enterprise Robot on another Machine

Installer(.exe or .msi):

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Community 19.7 Studio/ Enterprise 19.4.4

Current behavior: Error Detecting Project Version


Dear UiPath Community,

I am experiencing an issue deploying a process developed on UiPath Studio CE 2019.7 to an enterprise robot with version 2019.4.4

Error is: Error detecting project version.

I have read in the community that the way to resolve is to update the robot version. However, there is no clear instructions on how i can update the Enterprise Robot version. According to my understanding the latest is still version 2019.4.4

I hope you can clear up my confusion.

Thank you and Regards

That happened to me the other day, I just replaced the Json file with one of my other projects and it worked.

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That one is possible but we need to make sure all dependencies from that project is available to the affected project. Thanks @rmunro. Is there another way?

Hi @seanrockvz13

Not sure about a solution since I haven’t come across this scenario. However if replacing the project file as @rmunro mentioned works then it’s a good way to proceed. Dependencies is not going to be a problem because you can manually edit the code of the project file after replacing and add all the dependencies code which was the previously…

So replacing the file and adding the dependencies manually should work as intended…

I am having the same exact issue. Had a couple project created in community version 2019.7; but have to convert to enterprise version 2019.4.4 as we will soon onboard on-prem orchestrator.

In additional to the version error, the community edition itself also became non-executeable due to license conflicts (error: need activated license).

The easiest solution would simply be delete the json file. You can then open the xaml file directly using the enterprise version studio and json file will be recreated. I think it auto-reestablish all the dependencies as well.

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