Error detecting project version on remote deployed robot

Runing a robot that madre w 2019.7 v gets this error.

  • Info: Error detecting project version

System.NotSupportedException: Error detecting project version
at UiPath.Project.ProjectData.WorkflowDataUpgrade.GetLatestProjectData(String projectContent, Dictionary`2 availablePackages)
at UiPath.Project.WorkflowProjectRepository.OpenProjectFromText(String projectContent, String projectPath)
at UiPath.Service.Impl.ExecutionManager.Job.OpenProjectAsUser(WorkflowProjectRepository projectRepository, String projectPath, ImpersonableIdentity identity)
at UiPath.Service.Impl.ExecutionManager.Job.GetProject(ImpersonableIdentity identity)
at UiPath.Service.Impl.ExecutionManager.Job.d__29.MoveNext()

That error happen only in the machines connected to the orchestator, but in my Development machine not.

Solution i found was updating schema at 3.2 and studio version to 19.4.2 from another machine w a lower version of UiPath Studio.

¿How to fix that in my development machine? or ¿How to force project.json with those parameters?


This kind of issues will occur in Community edition
Please revert Project.json to older version.
You can observe changes in dependencies/Schema.
So, older version Robot unable to run the Project

Found a solution.

If it helps, I realised that my issue of ‘Error detecting project version’ was due to an incompatibility between my local machine (auto-updating) Community edition studio version and that used by my Robot hosted on a Azure VM. Once I updated my Robot version to co-inside with my local version, the issue was no longer reported and my process could run to completion without error.

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