Project Structure

When a new project is created the following files get created. Could you explain me in detail what those are? Sometimes people in the forum just upload their single xaml file and more often than not they don’t work properly in my machine. When exporting a project to others, should I attach all of the below or just a part of them? Please explain me the “meaning” of each of the below, ie., why they are needed and how they are used.


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Let’s go one by one

Project.Json - this actually contains Details of the project like starting from name of the project, version of each project activity packages
Whenever we send a xaml file we need to share along with this Json file as a zipped folder having xaml and Json file, only then it will open the workflow with activities of those versions

Main.xaml - this contains the workflow and when published this one will be called first even though we have many other xaml in the project folder
So to run them here in main xaml we will be using INVOKE WORKFLOW FILE activity

.Screenshots - this folder will have the image of activities that is with some activities like Click Image or click or type into activity we will be selecting the element
While doing that those elements will be captured as image and will be stored in this folder

These three are major folders which must be included when sharing a workflow xaml to another person

.Settings - UiPath projects uses the Nuget Package Manager for the .NET projects. The .local folder contains all files which should be present locally to manage the project. Dot before the name local indicates that project you can ignore this folder while publishing a project because this folder only needed at local env and can be recreated.

Cheers @Daun

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Hello, @Palaniyappan

When there are two separate project.json/main.xaml/.screenshots groups, how can I combine them? Let’s say one group want to include another by invoking. But is only invoking the xaml enough or should I combine the folders together and move the two main xaml files into one folder and change name of one of the main xaml files?

Thank you!

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Yah that would be fine

How can I integrate?

First step is to move the 2nd xaml to the 1st group position and change name…
How about .screenshots and Project.json of the 2nd group?

If we are just going to call the second project and it’s xaml file in the main xaml of first project
Then send them as a zipped folder with two projects kept separately in their folders
So the zip folder will have two folders

Now the another person who receives this will extract the files and it will have two folders

Now he will open the first xaml file and call or INVOKE the xaml from second project folder just like how we will call a file

No need to change any of the name buddy
Cheers @Daun