Project.json file taking a wrong file as "main" parameter in the project workflow

The project.json file is taking a wrong .xaml file in the “main” parameter in the project workflow, how to change it to the actual Main.xaml file. If i manually edit the project.json, and i publish the Project, the project.json takes back the wrong file name as the entry point to the bot flow.

“name”: “SmartSheetGet”,
“description”: “Blank Process”,
“main”: “GetSmartSheetData.xaml”,

Want the main file to be Main.xaml file. How do i achieve this , request any pointers on solving this issue.

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Hi @mailsmithash

in your process Main.xaml file is there or you rename that one?

in that project.json
“main”: “Main.xaml”

Kommi Jeevan.

I had renamed the first Main.xaml file that was created when the Project was first created to “GetSmartSheetData.xaml”, Later i created a separate workflow file by name. “Main.xaml” file, now it takes the "GetSmartSheetData.xaml’ as the “main” parameter in project.json. Even if i manually change it in project.json, while publishing the project, the value of “main” get set to “GetSmartSheetData.xaml”

now which xaml file you want to run pass that name to project.json “main”: “Your Xaml file”.

Yes i have edited the project.json to use “Main.xaml” file, but when i Publish the project, it takes the other file as “main” and project.json get changed to the other file.

If we right click on the .xaml file there is an option to “Set as Main” i enabled it now the project.json is taking the Main.xaml file as the “main” parameter even when i publish it. It looks to be working.

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