Which process files is good to have in git?


Does it matter which files and folders I commit into git?

Is there a good practise to have all these files and folders in git?

  • .local/
  • .screenshots/
  • .settings/
  • Main.xaml
  • (workflow files).xaml
  • project.json


Yah that’s fine
If we want I save them being from different projects that’s fine and we can save the file MA in separate like this
—but if they are from same project like if the project.json file, main.xaml file all are from same project then we can keep them as a single project folder instead of keeping them as a separate file
So that it will be easy to access them by each user tagged to that git

Cheers @Marty1

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Good to avoid adding .local folder to repository.

The .local folder contains all files which should be present locally to manage the project and refers to local location who checked in the code.

If the other person trying to access that .local then there will be conflict because we dont have access to other developer local system.

Dot before the name local indicates that project you can ignore this folder while publishing a project because this folder only needed at local env and can be recreated.

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