How can I transfer a process I have created from 1 computer to another?

I have created a couple of processes on separate files, I want to pass them on to another computer and try them their, however how can I link the xaml file to the json file that is supposed to support the xaml file?

Following things on the other computer:

  1. UiPath installed
  2. All the paths needs to be updated
  3. To avoid step 2, use system variable

If all of this is done, just zip the project and move it on to the new system!!!
I am a bit unsure on the json query of yours, care to ellaborate

Hi @Rasoul

Each process file that you have, do they have their own project json file? Even though those are separate xaml files, as soon as you open the file you’ll get it created.

As @Shubham_Varshney mentioned, make sure to update all file paths if you have any to support the new structure in the new machine.

Before transferring zip the entire folder that has the json file and the xaml files (each solution separately). Then use that file in the new machine…


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