Quick general question about sending / running automation

Currently, to send an automation to another machine I sent over the main file, screen shots, and project.json file. I then deleted the contents of a folder from a project and replaced with those.

Can you send projects just with the main file and save that? I was worried it would not work without the screen shot folder - does this matter? I use anchors and indicate on screen in the work flow.

Screenshots won’t do anything in the project. It’s just a folder which every screenshot is stored where the workflow is wrong. And make sure, you are sharing the project.json file along with the xaml files, otherwise it will miss some dependencies if you install any. @Double-D

@HareeshMR Ok thanks so to save it on the new computer they will need to download both the xaml and the project,json and then replace the current project.json with the one downloaded?

You both are doing the same?

I don’t think , you need to replace the existing. Why don’t you run it as a new process instead of replacing? I mean, you can send the parent folder of the project which contains all the workflows including project.json and the other user will simply unzip it and run.