Project Migration

I have one workflow, which is created in REFramework. I am getting following message:
“This project uses the Window Legacy compatibility which is being phased out and will no longer be available for new projects in the next enterprise release.”
and the i have hyperlink on “Convert to Windows”
If I click there and do the migration, I start getting lot of errors, which I never get before…
How to resolve this issue?

I am afraid there is no simple solution for that :frowning:
Upgrade your packages to the latest stable versions, maybe some of them will disappear.
Worst when you use some additional packages which are not compatible with new ‘windows’ framework - then you need to find some workarounds

Hey @Khooshbu_Jani1

It will be most probably the dependencies conversion error, if possible please share the errors here !


Hi @Khooshbu_Jani1 ,

Could you share the Dependencies present along with the Error Messages that you have received ? This would maybe help us to provide a better suggestion after analysing.

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Hi @Khooshbu_Jani1

Could you please share the errors that you are receiving?

Also, do some of them get fixed by updating to the latest version of all the activity packages?