Missing activities while Changing project from Legacy to windows

While changing the targetframe work from “Legacy’” to “windows” , some activities are not listing , Typeinto , build data table etc , can someone please guide ?

Did you change it manually from project.json? That would cause issues, you should use the migration tool instead. Refer to: Studio - Deprecation of the Windows-Legacy Compatibility

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Go to manage package and update all the dependency packages.

Whats more likely is your dependencies are now wrong. Perhaps you had a library you built that contains all the basic UiPath activities such as the Ui activities and now you migrate you don’t have a 64 bit version of that library and so everything is missing. If my guess is right you need to migrate your libraries first.

Share your dependencies on your project for us to help diagnose more if that isn’t enough.


Try to click in “Repair Dependencies” notification and check if it works.

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