Project Folder Automation

So I’ve built a basic sequence that downloads some PDF files from within a folder and saves it in a different place, which is helpful but then when I change the origin of the ‘folder’, then the sequence breaks down.

What I would like is a ‘one-size’ fits all so that you can just point the sequence towards a ‘folder’ and it will know what to do with the documents or contents within that…

Seems terribly tedious to create an automation sequence for every folder??? Any suggestions?

Hello @C.westhuizen ,

Could you give more details about the error that occurs? What exception are you getting?


you can manipulate the filepaths for both the files your read and write by creating an argument which you pass in (the bit that changes each time) and adding it to the local bit which will always stay the same, like the name of the file. this way you can set the argument in to 'C:\Desktop' and add it to the folder name ‘Test Folder.doc’ which always stays the same. you could then change the location of ‘Test Folder.doc’ to a different location than the desktop and you would just have to change the argument in (or ‘point the sequence towards a folder’). you could even get UiPath to ask you for the file path via a message box when you start the robot - for the ultimate augmented experience

I’m pointing UiPath to a particular folder in my Linkedin account and then it automatically downloads the PDF Linkedin profiles from within that folder. The problem is, when I change the Folder, it doesn’t select the new profiles from that folder as it’s not ‘indexed’… it seems the sequence is entirely built around that task and I want it to scale across different projects/profiles :slight_smile: Hope this makes sense?

@Djh Makes perfect sense, however I’m a recruiter and nowhere near technical enough. Where could I find someone who would be willing to create a few projects for me?

I’m sure someone can help, are you looking for paid work or pro bono?

Will be willing to pay… ideally looking for someone who could help us on an ongoing basis… there’s a few projects we have to automate a lot of repetitive tasks in the world of recruitment :slight_smile:

Lets talk off the forum, i will message you now