PDF automation project

Hi everyone,

i am very new to UiPath, i have been asked to explore an automation idea for my current employer.

we currently received 2-3 different pdf documents for our third party service providers and we then use information from these documents to prepare our standard review letter (combines info from the different pdf files) in ms word for our meetings.

there are about 10 odd service providers who each send the same information but the pdf documents differ in layout for each of the providers.

what i am hoping to do is create folders where after the pdf documents are dropped in, the automation process reads the pdfs and creates the review letter automatically in another folder. i dont mind creating a seperate folder depending which service provider the information comes from.

please let me know if this is possible and if you could point me in the direction of where to start it would be greatly appreciated.

thank you for your help

You can start with ABBYY FlexiCapture. There’s a classifier in ABBYY. You can classify documents and can build extraction method for each of them.

great thank you, i will have a look at this

Hi! One place you can start would be the Academy. The Level 1 - Foundation Training, Lesson 10 deals with PDFs. :slight_smile:

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yes probably best to learn to use Uipath first :slight_smile: thanks

Wish they could deal real life pdfs :slight_smile:

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