Enter in a Cloud and for each project, download file, and rename it

I’m new to uipath, and I’m taking advantage of the forum to get suggestions and learn how to use this magical tool.

At the moment, I need to create a bot, which from a cloudweb, something like OneDrive, for each link, goes to take the .pdf file inside, and save it in a PC folder with another name.

Specifying that:

  • The list of links (Customer Journey) is equivalent to the list of open projects, so it is not static and therefore could increase over time.

  • To download the file (pdf) I have to click on the link of the project, enter the folder, and then click the specific “download” button.

  • The file is downloaded with a generic name (“journey xx”) and must be renamed, with the name of the folder in which it is contained.

Do you have any idea how to make it?
I thought of:

  • access the client (with authentication)
  • create a table, where the list of “links” is present.
  • x each link in the table, enter the environment, and click on file download.
  • then … rename file with the name of the link.

Can anyone help me?
I am autonomous in accessing the Cloud and authenticating myself.
I am autonomous with creating the DataTable. (Data Scraping)

I think I’m autonomous in the navigation in the cloud, so I download the file, but I don’t know how to associate the downloaded file with the correct name of the project.

Some screen:
1 - the list of projects, over time, they could increase.
then the bot will have to implement the new, and add them to the list of operations.
The file must be saved with the name of the links in the list below.

2 - Inside the project, there is a graphical diagram, and a direct download button.
(in the image, on the right)

3 - The files are downloaded with a generic name, with a progressive number.
(journey 1 … 2 … 10 … etc)
They will have to be renamed, with the project header name.

Can help me?

I have taken small steps forward…
This script works, but I have to correct two things.

  • the script runs, but in the loop, it always downloads the same job.
    I don’t know how to do the operations for each row of the table.
    (for each project)

  • I don’t know how to take the name, correct for saving, for each… (aaname?)

ForEachQuadiend - Copy.xaml (40,4 KB)

thanks… please. .