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Hello all.
I am downloading PDF from chrome. But It’s downloading directly to default download folder. But I want all the PDF’s to be saved in a project folder.
How can I achieve this.
Thank you.

Hi @Dinesh_Babu_S

Change the chrome settings so that it prompts to ask the filepath before downloading

for settings check this way


Nived N

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Thank you Nived. I’ll do it.
Just curios to know ,what if we have multiple projects to be executed in the same machine.
Will this case any problem.

I didn’t understand

Can u Explain well ?

Hi @Dinesh_Babu_S

Please download this activity and try it.

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Sure. For example consider I have 2 different processes .

  1. Process Vendor Invoice
    2.Research Client Check Copy
    First I’ll run Process Vendor Invoice and download the data and save it the specified location as mentioned by you.
    Second I’ll run Research Client Check Copy and download the data.
    Consider that both files are in same format.
    What happens now or how to handle this.
    I assume that we need to transfer the files to desired location after downloading it.
    Thank you.

Thank you for the solution.
I’ll try it :slightly_smiling_face:

U can put the files both in different locations

Save both files in a folder having the process name

Let’s say first process save the file in Process Vendor Invoice folder

For second process, save the file in Research Client Check Copy folder

Hope u got it


Nived N :robot:

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