Programme still running despite execution ending

Hi all

I’ve noticed this quite a bit today and I wondered if anyone else was having this issue.

I’m running a programme, it ends, but it’s still showing as running. I’ve realised this doesn’t make a lot of sense so I’ve taken a screenshot (I moved a few things around on Paint so the shot didn’t take up the whole screen):

It ended at 17:07, however the “Stop” button is still active. When I click on it, nothing happens. When I try to close Studio, I get a message box saying “There’s a robot that is executing. Wait for its execution to terminate or cancel it before closing Studio”. I have to start Task Manager and close Studio that way.

Is this happening to anyone else? I have version 2017.1.6522.

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This happened for me also. I was able to narrow it down to an issue with reading in an excel file, specifically a certain worksheet within it. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to confirm exactly what the issue was but removing a blank column seemed to solve this for me.

I encountered this as well. anyone found any solution so far?

Not yet, we are working on a fix.

just some feedback, i manage to find root cause of my case. apparently i put too much writeline (for debugging purpose) for each row in Excel. Once i remove those writeline, it was working fine.

Thank you. We know the root cause and we will provide a fix soon.
I don`t recommend doing Write line or Log message activities if the size of the text to be logged is bigger than a few lines, for this you have the option to output to a file (text, csv, excel etc) and that will work as expected


My programme doesn’t use writeline or log message activities. It uses read range activity (workbook) and I have the same issue.

Also, when a excel cell is too long, there is an abnormal termination in uipath. It doesn’t matter how many rows or columns there are in the excel file.

Can you share the project (excel file and workflow)

Hello, have you found a solution already? Thanks in advance for a Feedback.

I have been struggling with the same issue for a couple days. Finally got it fixed.
I have a workflow decision, and the true path logs a message as the final step. I ended up simply putting the log message into a sequence, and the bot now stops.


Did you get to solve it?




A way around it that works for me is putting a delay of around 5 seconds at the beginning. I found that the type of processes that were having this issue were really short ones, so UiPath Studio would lag a bit, the process would complete, UiPath Studio would catch up and try to complete the process that had already been completed.

Not sure if it’s a proven salutation but it does the job for me!

I’m having this happen for a long process where I have to write over 800,000 lines to an excel sheet. This wasnt a problem for it when I ran it yesterday. I tried using the workbook and the excel application scope write ranges. Any solutions for this problem?