Studio Execution Gets Stuck?


Any idea why my Execution is getting stuck? I haven’t noticed this before and at first thought it was my activity. It seems to say “Execution has ended” but never ends execution.

See the Output tab in the below screenshot:

It is still running however and doing nothing; even the UiRobot.exe has closed but Studio continues to run for some reason.

OS/Studio Version:

Anyway, just thought I’d post this before I head home for today, cause it had my head bamboozled. :stuck_out_tongue:
Like I said, the UiRobot.exe process is closing as if execution has ended but Studio stays running in Read Only mode.



Looks similar to this?

Yes it does. Thanks V.
I did narrow it down to the Read Range even though it completes that action, it would only get stuck when I went through it and didn’t get stuck when I ignored the Read Range.

Sounds like there’s a fix coming soon.

HI Clayton,

I do recall similar situation while dealing with a lot a of data in excel using a specific Excel Activities package/Studio version.

Any chance you can update to 2018 or latest Excel activity package and try?


Current Excel Package should be up to date:

Also, I don’t think Studio EE 2018 has been released yet, but I could be wrong. Per Gabriel’s response a week ago in the other thread, there was a fix coming out soon.

Entreprise edition is released since since January (Firefly)
You can install it with the Plateform.msi package but you are right, that might still be a present issue

I was not the person facing directly the issue so I don’t exactly remember how we worked this out

Good luck :slight_smile: