Excel is open still program running is completed

I have folder in that i kept only one file. after completing program the excel is still open
why excel is not close In message box it shows the same excel path and excel is oepning please provide solution

Hey @dhanu_lokhande
If you are using excel scope please use close workbook activity.

Also uncheck visible abd try


Hi @dhanu_lokhande ,

Let me know your excel scope properties for check the issue.


Hi @dhanu_lokhande

If you are using excel application scope, In properties panel you can see a output workbook filed.

  1. create a output variable there
  2. simply pass it in the close workbook activity, excel will be closed after process or else you can use kill process to kill excel after completing process

Kill process will work for both Excel & workbook type


Excel Application Scope: Failed opening the Excel file C:\Users\sachin\Documents\UiPath\Satchitanand_Project\Project Source File\Step 2-PDF To Excel\AP Invoice Processing Karan Invoice\Output_folder~$DKAutomationLLPDK20211004.xlsx. Possible reasons: the file is corrupt, the file is already used by another process or you don’t have permissions to open the file.
I get this error even i used kill process in for each loop

You might need to give the delay after killing excel in for each loop. Once you will add the delay your issue will be resolved.

I have add the 8 sec delay still error is come . how much time hav to add delay

Can you please share your workflow to check if you are doing something inappropriately?