Processing all queue items

Hi All, apologies in advance for the basic question.

I have uploaded data in a queue however when I am running the processor, it is processing one queue item only. I want the flow to pick and process all queue items.

Can anyone please advise how to achieve same. Incase I have to add an iteration activity then what would be the best condition I can put in iteration activity.


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No worries
So to process all the items in a queue we need to have a loop in our workflow
kindly find the below example on how to loop through a queue

Cheers @Kapil

Use while loop with a condition.

transactionItem =  Get Transaction
while (Not transactionItem is Nothing)
    //process transaction
    transactionItem = Get Transaction

Hello @Kapil

Queue processing structure is already defined in Re framework, you just need to pass the queue name in the config. Xlsx file…also yiu need to create you logic inside process. Xaml file

Thank you all! All your replies are working. I am marking the reply having attached workflow as solution so that someone can refer it in future if needed. Apologies for it.

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Cheers @Kapil

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