How to process Multiple Queue Items

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We have multiple Queues (Queue1, Queue2, Queue3 and Queue4).
We are using REFrame work.
I want to process One by one Queue item data in a loop. How can I do it?

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I would create a flowchart and put the robot in a continuous loop for this process.
Assuming you are doing this unattended.

  1. Create a flowchart that will check 1st queue item for any available transactions.
  2. If transaction is available, then go to process state and complete the transaction (Also create a switch case for 4 queues)
  3. When 1st case is processed, for the next transaction switch to 2nd queue and process data if available.
  4. For all the 4 cases, if no transaction is available then you need to make sure robot checks the next queue.
  5. Ultimately, there are 2 major conditions
    a. Check next queue if transaction is available in a queue.
    b. Check next queue if no transaction is available in a queue

Let me know if this helps.

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We are Using REFramework. So I don’t think I can implement the mentioned steps.

Framework won’t cause any issue on this, In fact this will be easier if you are using framework.
Build this in “Get Transaction Data” state. You don’t need the default code in that state, remove that and build this loop.

Thank you very much for your quick response. I really appreciate your help.

As per your logic, The loop won’t go to “Process” State.
Let me provide more details about my request.

I have 4 Queues. I need to process one by one Queue Data ( Read the Queue Data and post them in the Web Application). One the Queue data is completed, Send the confirmation Mail. Move to the next Queue Data

Breaking it down further.
The screenshot below is from base REFramework.

In this case, the framework is only looking for data from single queue.
Considering the 4 queue scenario. We are going to use 4 get transaction item activities for 4 queues.
First, we will check data from first transaction item (If we are considering multiple transactions to get processed before going to next queue then use “Get queue item” activity and loop through items and process all the transactions)
If there is no transaction from first queue then we will go to next transaction and check for items. Similarly for other two.

In this way we can leverage framework to process as many items as we want from all the queues.
Let me know.


Hello @rachrahul2 in the continuation of last reply can you show a sample code as i used switch case in get transaction data xaml for the get transaction Item activity but from get queue items where we have to invoke it exactly under process part??

It would be helpful if you can share xaml for this.

Thank you!!

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