ReFramework Get transaction data and process transaction

Hi Team,
I’m getting the data from queue and it is processed fine for first data.
But for the next transaction item from the queue, I need to type the new transaction item from the place where last transaction item has been typed and processed.
for ex: it should click on edit search and type the next transaction item , but before there are few activities which i don’t want with next transaction item
so the problem here i’m facing is , after getting the next transaction item from the queue again its going from first activity in process transaction stage like example (click this tab and open this tab)

Naveen Kumar

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Hey @naveenkumarr

What’s the case with third transaction please ?


Hi @naveenkumarr

So you want the bot to do few steps only if its the 1st transaction of the run , right?

If yes you can use if activity and give condition like in_TransactionNumber=1

  • If TRUE-> Process those steps
  • If ELSE-> Keep this Else area empty it will skip those steps and move to the next step from where you need

Hope this Helps


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If you want to repeat some steps for each and every step then invoke all those steps in InitAllApplications.xaml file itself only where you are launching application.

Hi guys,
Issue has been solved.
Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

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That’s Great @naveenkumarr

Kindly close the topic by marking the solution post so that it will be helpful for others too!


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