Process Transaction Items in Batch then mark all Complete

Hi all,

I need to loop through my items in queue during the middle of a process but don’t want to mark them complete until process completion. From my understanding, there is no way to access the same item in the queue once it has changed to an In Progress status. How can I solve this without using 2 separate queues?

Process Map:
Do some work -> Run through Queue items to input data in process -> Do more work -> Mark all worked items complete.

Any help appreciated.

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Thanks for the response.

Currently using Orchestrator 2018.4.1 which doesn’t allow me to find specific transactions from the queue based on reference. Using the Get Queue Items action would allow me to retrieve a list, but I have no way to selectively complete only the transactions on that list, in the case of new items added to the queue while process is running.

New to UiPath from Blue Prism, please correct me if I’m wrong on these points.

Hello jhervas,

With what you are saying, I would strongly suggest re-evaluating what it is that is a queue item then instead of trying to use it in the way that you’re planning. It sounds like a transaction in your current process may be the entire batch and not each individual line item. It may make more sense to put all of that information into one queue item and process them together than trying to do what you’re doing now.

The Get Transaction Item activity will get the transaction with the earliest Added time or Deadline. So, if you make use of the Deadline, you can get the transaction selectively. But, you are correct, you can’t get the Transaction Item by reference.

You can use the Get Queue Items to change their status or check to see if a reference already exists. For example, IF queueItems.Any(Function(q) q.Reference = transactionItem.Reference)

I use Get Queue Items for those two reasons, especially to change their status if needed like if something is stuck in “InProgress” state for whatever reason, which can happen if your run fails in the middle.