Queues regarding uipath

Hi all,

There are 10 queue items in a row.and if we need the sixth item to do transaction first,what are the ways to do it?

can anybody please answer it.
Thanks in advance


You can get a list of all item IDs in the queue and then start the one you want to.

Hi @moenk,

Can u please elaborate it in detailed way,I usually keep add queue item activity in foreach row to add queue items then what I have to do?

How to trace that particular queue item(6 th one out of 10) to make the first transaction?


If you put your items in the queue by yourself, why dont you set high priority on the ones you want to process first?

Yes @moenk

U r right.will keep the status property as high.since am amateur to Uipath,did not know end to end in Queues.thatswhy it did not strike me earlier.


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