Get all transaction status

I need to make a report when the robot finish the job.
So when he reach end of process, he must send Excel file with all transaction and their status.
I was searching in the activities something that can fetch data from my Queue, but I didn’t find.

Thanks in advance.

Yah we got two activity to do that


cheers @Veselin_Ganchev

Hi, but how to use for example get transaction item when he QueueItem?
For example I must store the data in excel but when I use Write Range activity is saying that can’t converted QueueItem to DataTable?

I understand how to get transaction item, and convert to string so I can use the data for example as variable.

I don’t understand how to get the Transaction Queue Status.
I was trying with for each item.SpecificContent(Status).ToString
But he is not understand what is Status.
He know the columns in my Queue, but not the standart column like status, reference, revision priority etc…

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This link would help you on how to use queue item

This will let you guide on managing properties

Cheers @Veselin_Ganchev

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