Process stuck at "stopping" or "terminating"

Greetings, we are experiencing a problem similar to this thread: Process "Stopping" for hours using orchestrator 2020.10.14

There are several jobs scheduled on an hourly basis for an unattended robot, most of the time everything works fine but on occassion a job gets stuck at “stopping” forever blocking the robots queue.

Sometimes, it also gets stuck at terminating.

Any ideas?

Hi @oldgeorge

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Based on process length (Run-Time) you can set a Kill job in the orchestrator.

Note : Make sure the process will not run more than ah hour.



Max Process Length is already set in orchestrator. Still the issue appears.

Share the Screenshot of that.

I’m sure if you use Kill in the Orchestrator of the trigger the process will stop immediately @oldgeorge


Of course it does, the point is to avoid having a support engineer having to obtain access to the orchestrator job dashboard and press kill to release the robot from the stuck task.

The customer is planning to scale out the deployment from one robot to 5-10 in the coming period, having to manually kill jobs at random intervals isn’t very helpful in that scenario

Not like that @oldgeorge

Go to Orchestrator → Automation → Trigger


Click the Three dot → edit


Check Kill option for the process