Orchestrator Status stuck

I have an item stuck in a termination status, i’ve rebooted the machine but now luck.

Is there anything i can do to resolve this?

Hi @duaine.b

  1. Check the logs: The first thing you should do is check the logs to see if there are any errors or warnings that could be causing the item to be stuck in a termination status. You can usually find the logs in the UiPath project directory or in the UiPath Orchestrator logs.
  2. Force the termination: If you don’t find any errors or warnings in the logs, you can try to force the termination of the item
    3.Check the job status: Confirm the current status of the job associated with the stuck item in Orchestrator. Make sure it is indeed in a termination status and not still running or pending.

Hope it helps!!


Can you please provide more details…like what is stuck or what you are trying to acheive


item was stuck in processing in the queue so i terminated the process but now it’s stuck on terminating, how do i get it to complete the termination so it can move onto the next item.


You mean the process is stuck in terminating?

did you try kill instead of stop?

if the queue item is stuck in in progress then you cannot directly change either wait for 24 hours to change status to abandoned or use get queue items from studio and get the in progress item and then set the status using set transaction status activity to failed or success

Hope this helps


I initially killed the process and it got stuck in termination status, but i will wait 24hrs to see if it abandons the item

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Hi @duaine.b
The processes can get stuck in the orchestrator if the UiPath robot service is stopped. Please check if your robot service is running.

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