Orchestrator job stuck in terminating status

I have a hung job that I can’t delete. It’s stuck in terminating status.

This hung job is preventing me from modifying or creating a new process:

I would like assistance with clearing up this hung job.


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Can you login to that particular robot and check the settings of robot / restart the machine

Did you check the logs, any generated with helps you in tracing the issue too

Hope this may helps you


Login to the robot VM or access the settings of the robot in Orchestrator?


Login to Robot VM and check the status of the robot

If It is busy then you disconnect and Kill the process from orchestrator, then re-establish the connection

Hope this helps you


When I open the Robot application on the VM it says connected and licensed. When I view the robot in Orchestrator on that VM it shows connected and available. My process is showing as an available process but I see nothing referencing if it’s busy.

When I click on the jobs tab, there are 5 stopped jobs and one stuck on terminating. I’m not able to kill the processes. Do I need to restart the process to attempt to kill the stopped jobs? The job stuck in terminating I can’t do anything with.

I tried that as well. When I restart the jobs stuck on “stopped” they go to pending and don’t change. I review the status of the robot and no change. Then when I kill the pending jobs they go back to “stopped” status.

No change with the process stuck in terminating.


Can you share the Robot setting from Orchestrator and UiPath Assistant Orchestrator Settings of the robot?





Okay, that looks good, can you check also check the domain\Username

Open cmd from robot machine and write in cmd as “whoami”

Cross check once again


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