Process runs fine on local machine, not fine on remote machine?

Hi everyone,

I have developed a workflow using studio that logs into an application/web page, queries an invoice and if found, downloads and saves it to a network share folder. It works fine when i run this on my local machine in studio ~~ However, if i publish this to orchestrator and attempt to run the same on a remote server, i get as far as the save-as dialog box. What could be the reason why it’s not running successfully on the remote server, assuming that IE is the same version running on both machines for example?

Thanks for any help.

If you have a development environment, it is possible to run studio within that environment. Otherwise, you need to check the application logs and see where your process is stopping.

Remember that the environment that the Robot runs on has many differences from your local environment. (Timezone, service account that runs its process on the server, Server Language, Browser Language …)

Hi @seandwilliams,
Could you share in detail where exactly your process is stopping in a remote server?