Process not running in Studio in production environement

I am running some processes in a production environment (Windows Server 2016) where I have a unattended robot license and Studio installed. 2 of the processes run fine in Studio, but the bigger workflow keeps stalling. While I am running and debugging in studio the process hangs and stops after about 10 seconds… I get no exception message it just hangs. I have tried to let it run for 10 minutes but nothing is happening.

If I try to publish the workflow locally and run it from the UiRobot.exe it works, so it seems that there is an issue with Studio. Has anyone experienced this before? Is there something that I have forgotten to install on the server? Please share :slight_smile:

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: Studio 2018.1.3 Enterprise
OS Version: Windows Server 2016

can i ask you some questions:

  • did you build this wf? i guess it ran at some point in Studio, right? :slight_smile:
  • can you share it with me (on PM of course)
  • browsing through it in Studio generates any lag/freezes etc?
  • does the robot start when you hit run from Studio (you can check processes tab in Task Manager)