Unattended Process hangs after Starting Transaction and attempting to Invoke Workflow

Issue Detail: With one of our jobs we run 4x daily, we’re having an issue all of the sudden where the process will progress through the Init stage without issues, get the first transaction item, and then after the “Transaction Started” Logging Message just before it does an Invoke Workflow to move onto the Process it will hang there indefinitely.

Orchestrator Version: 2019.4.3
Studio Version: 2019.4.4
Windows Version: Windows 10 Version 1903 (OS Build 18362.778)

Any ideas what could be causing this issue? We haven’t had any issues with the process for around two months and suddenly this issue is occurring across all of our Unattended Robots in Stage/Production, but when locally run from my machine on the Development Tenant it doesn’t have any issues.


Can you check the logs from Orchestrator or logs stored in local, It may help you


I’m planning to take a look into the locally stored logs, I won’t have access to the logs on the server that Orchestrator is hosted off of, though. Hopefully the local logs will shed some light on the issue.

Mike did you find a solution for this as something similar is happening for me?

Is it possible that your Robot machines have been cut off from a resource due to a fire wall update? It might explain why things run from DEV machine but not in Stage/Prod?

It ended up occurring across all environments, but we basically narrowed it down with the help of a UiPath Engineer that a certain set of packages was fixing the issue for us (and ensuring all dependency conflicts with libraries are sorted out): image

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