Robot hanging still executing but not doing anything?

Hi, I currently have UiPath Studio 2019.4.2 installed and the bot sometimes will stall on a log message an example would be something like:

11:07:AM: Bot completed request
after this nothing is here

but the current time would be something silly like 17:30:PM so it will just stay on that log message and the bot will still run but just not do anything?

Has anyone experienced this before? I am currently running the unattended robots in an cloud (Azure) virtual machine. 16GB RAM. Appreciate if anyone could help this is affecting production massively. I have also tried 2019.4.4 studio version but the problem still exists

without orchestrator is that process running with no exception in STUDIO
kindly check that once or may be we can run in debug mode so that we could find what is the cause of this

Cheers @J_Swali

Not sure I have understood what you have said, also please bare in mind that we cannot re-produce this problem as it happens randomly… there is no sign of any pattern.

yah thats fine
we need to know where it is failing while executing
Cheers @J_Swali

Okay I am running a process using Studio 2019.4.4 as its also happening with this version as well. I am running in debug mode for 1300 transactions so I am hoping it will re produce.


The error has produced!
As you can see in the picture no movement ? last thing the Bot does is assigns something and then it is supposed to write a log message and hangs here?

What could be the reason for this?

ok may i know what is the input mentioned in the log message activity


it is definitely defined as a string so .tostring is not needed… this is the activity it is trying to perform but never does and gets stuck forever. But this isnt the only place it happens in.

is that out_rateremail is having large size text
may be because of that it might
may i know the source of that variable
Cheers @J_Swali

this is in production so I am not able to share the email however looking at it, it is just a normal email address i.e

I think I found why this is happening so weirdly when the processing was running, I checked Task Manager and saw that Excel.exe was running so I ended this task and then the Bot suddenly started to move along with the automation. Could this be memory related?

awesome so in that case before to this log message activity use a KILL PROCESS activity with process name property as “EXCEL” so that it will kill the excel file and we wont face this issue
yah it may be because of the excel file size or the excel application is a lot along your process

this would work
kindly try this and let know for any querries or clarification
Cheers @J_Swali

So I already have a kill for excel after each transaction but do you recommend killing excel after using it straight away within my process?

yah that would probably reduce the risk of RSP server issue or this sort of overload issue
Cheers @J_Swali