Process has issues running from Orchestrator but not from Studio or Assistant

Hi All,

My process runs fine from Studio and Assistant. However, while I try to run the process from Orchestrator, I see Process Type is being assigned differently and job is going to pending state (Stopped later).

PFA for screenshot for reference.

Please help me understand what is possibly going wrong ?

Vinod Krishna

I don’t believe you can run unattended jobs using Development license. If I’m not mistaken, dev license works similar to an attended license. Try to change the license to unattended.

Also, is your environment setup correctly? It’s not showing the machine name that the bot is being launched on.

If I trigger the process from assistant, its executing perfectly choosing attended license. 3rd line in the above screenshot.

If I trigger from orchestrator, its choosing different license i.e. development license. 1st two lines in the above screenshot.

Robots details are below:

Could you please share the steps to change from development license to unattended license?

PFB for Licenses allocation details:

Also, PFB for Users:

Appreciate any help on the same.