Not able to run processes from Orchestrator in Community Edition

I have installed a Studio community edition on Windows10, alongside UI Robot and Assistant, then connected to Orchestrator cloud service. Here, under Tenant, I can see my machine of type Attended and 2 robots (1 Attended & 1 Unattended).
After publishing my first project, I am able to see it in my Processes tab, but am not able to run them (remains stuck in Pending status) and can’t see any logs explaining why.
If I try to run the process from the UI Assistant on the machine, it works!
What am I missing?

Have you assigned user and machine??

For further information you can check this video.

Hi Alexandru,

Try to do step by step as under the link. it should work.

Deploying Unattended Robots - Community License (

Hi @alexandru.vrabie,

What is the status of license under licenses tab? Is it green or red?

Also, can you please go to your command prompt on the machine you are trying to run the unattended process on, type “whoami”, and paste that domain\username for the unattended bot in the user settings as seen here and enter the windows password under “password”:


Sorry but I can’t attach any screen captures!
Under Admin/Licenses, Status says “Community Plan” and it’s red!

Done assigning the machine’s local user to the unattended robot in the Orchestrator/Settings/Manage Access tab and NOW IT WORKS!

*Is this the setting you recommended? Because your menu looks different than mine!

Hi @alexandru.vrabie,

Yes this is the setting I recommended…

Menu looks different for me because I am on enterprise version.

For community version, this appears under Manage Access only :slight_smile:

I am glad that your issue resolved.


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