Orchestrator issue: Job launch but in state Pending..=> Unattended Pending

I launch a Job but it is in state Pending…=> Unattended Pending.

Plz, have you a solution?


Hi @Trenoyas_Gnay,
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There is not enough information. There might be at least a couple of reasons for that:

  • wrongly configured robot
  • robot session used by other processes
  • no unattended license added

Hi @Trenoyas_Gnay,

Could you please provide us more information on this?

Which license is assigned to the user/machine?
What is the status of your machine under tenant->licenses tab?
What does it show in your assistant? Connected,licensed? Connected.unlicensed?

Please also share screenshots if possible so we can help you better.



thanks for your reply.

I successfully launch a job in Orchestrator,
By settings, Machine, permissio, credentials on my machine…


Hi @Trenoyas_Gnay,

Glad to hear that:)

Now that your issues is resolved, would suggest to mark solution so topic can be closed.


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